“At The Cabin” is a Nunavut preschool series that showcases Inuit language, arts, culture, values, and provides rich educational content for Canadian children. The series will be hosted by a variety of Inuit musicians and cultural performers. These hosts will introduce the unique and varied educational segments (animation, puppet, and live-action). The series will have animated characters, who will help share Inuit oral stories and traditional land knowledge, as well as, traditional educational content (numbers, colors, shapes, the alphabet, etc.).

By providing an intimate window into the culture and environment of the Eastern Arctic, which many across Canada have never seen before, this series offers a new viewer experience that is culturally diverse, informative, and fun. At The Cabin educates Northern children about their culture and language and teaches audiences of Indigenous and non- Indigenous children across Canada about the cultural heritage of Inuit and the natural environment of Nunavut and the North.

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